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Welcome to the November Pleiadian Gateway Activation Portal

Who are the Pleiadians and why now?

The Pleiadians are thought to be descendants of the Lyran race refugees who Terra-formed many planets in the Pleiades after their escape from wars with reptilian races. The Pleiades, or Seven Sisters, are in the Shoulder of the Bull, in the Taurus Constellation. They call the cluster ‘Manahai’, the daughters of the Mother (Mana –star sun K62 in Lyra where they originate from). Taurus Constellation and Pleiades were worshiped by primitive and indigenous cultures throughout the ages. To the ancient Egyptians, it was the bull-god Orissi. Still, the star was also worshiped by the Babylonians, Chinese, Druids, and some tribes of Amazon Indians as well as the Mayan civilizations, to the Hopi & Cherokee Tribes, and even the Japanese call it Mutsuraboshi (and modeled their Subaru car logo after this Star Cluster).

The way we calculate the time of the Pleiades Gateway is by looking at the alignment of the Sun and the Earth from 29 ̊41’ Taurus to 00 ̊23’ Gemini. Every year is a little different, as the solar system is not in exact alignment with the Gregorian Calendar. We look at the orb of degrees from those previously indicated exact degrees which can vary around 2.5 ̊. So, that means that the days in which the sun is at 26 ̊30’ begins the journey, and end at 02 ̊ Gemini. But, the way Astrology works, every constellation is in conversation with its opposite constellation, and since Scorpio and Sagittarius are opposite to Taurus and Gemini, that puts us in the opposition point of the May Pleiadian Gateway.

So, this year, it will technically begin Thursday, November 18th, 2022, it will peak around Saturday, November 19th, and end Thursday, November 24th, 2022. During this time pay attention to the things that happen in your life, the people you meet or have encounters with, the places you go, your dreams, and even the downloads you receive. Anything is possible at this time. Unfoldment for a higher purpose and plan may be in store for the trajectory and course of your life if you have Pleiadian markers on your blueprint.

Why Is it Relevant to Understand Extraterrestrial/ Interdimensional Energy?

When first reading the Prism of Lyra, I was one foot out the door with my belief system that A) any of the information in that book was accurate or relevant and B) why and how knowing any Galactic History benefitted me in any way. I was both discerning and patiently open-minded as I read through it. Upon completion of the book, I felt more connected to the sheer vastness and diversity of the Multiverse. I realized that we are all multi-dimensional in nature, and exist on/in multiple dimensions at once. It made me see that the likely traumas, dramas, karma, dharma, and challenges we are assigned in this life have a deeper meaning to their existence with more gravity to their outcome. The decisions I make today could have an impact on another timeline altogether and may steer the course of my own history as well as my progeny simultaneously. As mind-bending as that may sound, one thing I know for certain is that DNA is the currency of the universe. Just as we aim to understand the diversity of human populations and cultures, it seems equally as helpful to the organic genetic evolution of our species to understand the Starseeded DNA structure. Knowing that 90% of our DNA is unidentified is yet another catalyzing force to undergo the journey of our own self-led genetic investigation and ask who we are, where we came from, and where we are headed. The knowledge of our Human Origins may be very different than we think. Those of us who know we are very different, who remember more and more of who we are - will be the ones to affect, the collective consciousness and steer it into the higher timeline(s).

Pleiadians are emotional, loving, sensitive, can almost and even self-sacrificing beings who strive to take care of others and humanity at large. They almost can take the world on their shoulders sometimes. They have a deep connection to the planet and this Earth, so because of that connection, one of their greatest missions is to help transmute the pain and suffering of this planet.

Human Starseeds who have Pleiadian Galactic DNA memories can oftentimes feel this deep connection to this planet, and through that their own healing serves to heal the planet and the collective. Releasing Emotions is one of the biggest ways to help clear the density of this planet, and so they will be put through various catalyzing events in their life which will then call them to explore various healing modalities through physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual transmutation. What many are unaware of is that they come through with this pain to heal and transmute the planet through their own healing journeys.

Absorbing the energy of others can unfortunately be a by-product of their process. They can also easily take on the projections of others as well, so understanding how to clear their energy is important. In my own journey, I have found the Merkhabic 12th Dimensional Field visualization to be quite helpful when used to protect my field and for ascension purposes. You can find a great guided video here. I also highly recommend some of the exercises in The Pleiadian Workbook as I run Earth and Solar energy daily. I have transcribed that book into Video format for easier access to the exercises.

Some things that Pleiadian Starseeds are learning is that they need to stop deciding what’s best for others and instead focus on creating their own happiness. They are then guided to overcome their fear of upsetting others and become master communicators. When true responsibility is accepted for self and personal happiness, they start to flourish, and their physical bodies will respond with radiance. They start to lead by example rather than preach and that is where their power to make this world a better place lies. Pleiadian starseeds have strong faith and trust. They have a strong sense of purpose from childhood, a feeling of knowing there is a God connection, a higher purpose, and a plan, even in their darkest hour. They have a strong desire to seek spiritual wisdom. As they begin to realize their God connection and to love themselves as the perfect beings that they are, many of the old feelings, emotions, and self-doubts fade and they start experiencing life in an empowered and blissful way. Then they usually choose to guide others to experience the same. Another Pleiadian trait is they are the ones who give multiple chances to people who misused or failed them in some way. They care for even a small ounce of goodness left in someone and they will want to build on it and help that person come to light fully.

As many of you know I was mentored by Lavandar from Starseed Hotline where I acquired quite a bit of Galactic Information. Since then I trained myself in understanding the Fixed Star Systems and learned more about these Star Systems and how they showed up in our Natal Charts. Through the work of Aspen Rain & Julia Balaz, I have been able to expound upon my Galactic knowledge as it pertains to the natal and progressed charts. If you are interested in a more in-depth reading of the various constellations, galaxies, and star systems your soul has traversed, I am now offering In-Depth Galactic Origins readings which you can order on my website.

Pleiadian Races

There are many variations to the Pleiadian Races as each star system has its own personality. Here are a few popularly identified races as examples for this Seven Sister Cluster: Taygeta - Star fleet command, they are attuned to advanced technology, star exploration, and scientific pursuits. Yet, they are also highly spiritual, which helps them use technology responsibly. Alcyone – It used to be the seat of Pleiadian civilization. But then a group of Lyran refugees, Taal race, colonized a large portion of Alcyone and they made treaties with Reptilian races from the Orion constellation. They allowed them to colonize portions of Alcyone in exchange for protection from a vicious Orion Empire (not all Orions were vicious, but the empire was ruled by darker forces at that time). This Lyran-LAAN race who colonized Alcyone and became known as Pleiadeans are allegedly also responsible for creating treaties with Nazis and Reptilians on Earth during WW2. They are known to be a bit of renegade Pleiadians. They were expelled from the Galactic Federation of the World because they can’t be trusted. Merope - This is the home of Pleiadian psycho-spiritual healing, divine feminine mysteries. They are very in tune with the Earth and the healing of the Divine Feminine Mission. Maia - These Pleiadians are usually in pursuit of spiritual knowledge, and aim to follow universal law. They are associated with the practice of shamanism on the Earth as well as various archaeological projects. Electra - Also tuned into advanced technology, have been highly inventive, and carry star codes and codings. They are the template builders and implementers.

Atlas - They are naturally gifted with navigation and travel, star mapping, astronomy, and science.

Pleione - This is known as a Pleiadian sanctuary star system, where rest and respite are common. Deep spirituality and contemplation are known to be major focuses.

Additional Extended Pleiadian Families that don’t directly originate from the Pleiades but have some connection to the Star System in the Galactic History.

Aldebaran - Because it’s so close to the Pleiades, they’re considered the big brothers of the Pleiadeans. They tend to have many Pleiadian Starseed friends and family members and act as their guides, ascension activators, watchers, and protectors. They support each other’s galactic soul missions on Earth. They are wisdom keepers, diplomats, and anchors for higher frequencies.

Hyades - The Lyran colonies in the Hyades were mainly the Ahel race (uniquely blond humans with pale skin), the same as those who terraformed and populated Erra in the Pleiades. And a little of the Taal race (humans with different skin, hair, and eye colors just like humans on Earth). Taali also terraformed and populated T-Mar in the Pleiades after they left Lyra. They are of high integrity, work very hard, lead by example, possess high intelligence (intellectual, intuitive as well as emotional), great organizers as well as protectors of peace.

Altair - Located in the Aquila Constellation, This was another civilization colonized by Vega, but also contains Reptilian/ Draconian inhabitants. Also known as the Dragon People in accordance with some myths. The Altair civilization is quiet and contemplative, given the peaceful philosophic orientation. The Egyptian pyramid of Esna represents Altair.

Alpha Centauri - The Triple Star System and closest to Earth, the celestial Alpha Centaurian race is simple, honest, introspective, harmonious, and moralistic. Highly discerning, logical, analytical, and responsible, they are on a strict path of ascension and aim to help others follow the same path into Source consciousness. They make excellent healers as Chiron can be found in this constellation.

Procyon - Constellation of Canis Minor. Procyon starseeds are master builders, creators, and architects as their minds are highly logical and analytical, yet they are also highly psychic and observant. They can be quite self-reflective and understand emotions quite well. Overall, these peaceful beings of light are very collaborative, trusting, and easily influenced by others. Also embodying aspects of Divine Feminine Wisdom.

As there are many nuances to this Interdimensional race, it is important to keep in mind that as Humans on this planet at this time, we have the infinite potential to expand our scope of awareness and activate our dormant DNA to our greatest ability. And in that potential, we can organically move into the superhuman force that we are meant to be.

Cosmic Love & Earthly Blessings,


Please take only that which resonates with you at this time and discard the rest.

References / Sources:

The Prism of Lyra, Lyssa Royal & Keith Priest

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The Pleiadian Agenda, Barbara Hand Clow

The Pleiadian Workbook, Amora Quan Yin


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