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Waking Up in your Solar House

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Do you resonate with your sun sign? The natal house where your solar placement resides can describe whether you're operating in a state of awareness or unconscious patterns.

For those that check their horoscopes periodically to see what the day, week, or month ahead has in store for them, they will obviously check their sun sign astrology report. As much as astrologers argue that isolating the sun sign in a reading can only provide a sliver of insight into a person’s overall story, the sun is actually a strong signifier of your power, vitality, and how you radiate your unique expressive qualities out into the world. Our sun sign really shows us how and what we’re here to express.

How is the Energy Being Driven?

When we feel a strong vital life force energy, we feel productive and truly empowered. This usually indicates a more awake and conscious state that we're operating in. However, sometimes when attempting to fully express oneself, we can sometimes face stagnation, resistance, and a lackluster state of unproductiveness. This may be because you're in a sleeping state of expressing unconscious and underdeveloped traits of your sun sign. As life ebbs and flows and just as the sun sets every night and rises again in the morning, it’s difficult to stay in one state or another forever. The key is to recognize when certain expressions of the unconscious and asleep state show up, and to utilize those expressions to transform their energy. This is only possible when we can stay out of judgment of the expression as being labeled “good” or “bad”. Sometimes we need to go deep into the unconscious to excavate what needs to be revealed, then begin sharing those things with others.

We’ll take a look at the house placement a sun sign is found within the natal chart. This will begin to explore the patterns you go through between a sleeping and waking state.

Each house of the natal wheel carries the qualities of a specific sun sign, and its corresponding planet. As we move around the wheel through the different houses, the sign each house shares its personality traits with will be indicated alongside its planetary influence. Since the Sun sign answers the questions "who" or "what", the house it's located in indicates "where". So for example, a Twelfth House Sun in Leo makes the person shine more than many other signs placed in that house, but makes that particular Leo more private and introverted than other Leos. Leo is the natural ruler of the shining star: the sun. When it's found in the dreamy unconscious house ruled by Pisces and Neptune, this Leo native could be a more romantic, spiritual, and dreamy type of Leo who has come in with karma to work out in their life. They may go through parts of their lives relying on unhealthy relationships or substances to help them cope with the harshness of conscious reality. It's when they surrender to their sensitivity and begin to utilize it to help others navigate their lives that they find their karma dissolving. Because a Leo is born to be a leader, they can then use the experience of their past to help others step into their future. That's why its helpful to pay close attention to the particular house that the sun sign falls into and the relationship between them.

The horizon line on an astrological wheel splits the two hemispheres, so as to show when the sun is setting below the horizon and travels around the axis of the center of the earth from our perspective then rises again. Although we know in actuality the earth rotates around the sun, when we look at an astrological wheel we are looking at a snapshot of the sky from the Earth at the exact time and place we took our first breath.

The sunset on the ascendant - the start of the first house

This is why the exact time of birth can be really important as the Earth rotates at a speed of 460 meters per second--or roughly 1,000 miles per hour. That means the horizon can look slightly different every few minutes. This very commonly used Earth-centered astrological approach is called Geocentric Astrology, and we are looking at a Western Tropical point of view. There are many other forms of astrology including Heliocentric Astrology which uses the sun as the center of a chart. Eastern parts of the world use more Vedic Astrological graphs. Western Tropical is the more prevalently taught and used astrological method in the Western part of the world, and what Awakened Aspects basis its information on.

First House Sun / Aries Sun Sign Nature / Mars Energy

♈︎ The key phrase here is I AM TO BE: Outer Self Expression

This is a great placement for the Sun as it embodies:

  • Drive, courage, enthusiasm, dignity, nobility, and leadership qualities.

  • Pioneers, leaders, and influencers

The Asleep/ Unconscious Expression of this placement:

  • Too Ego driven with disregard to how it may affect others

  • Wants so much to be recognized as their own person that they may be in danger of alienating themselves in their relationships

An Awake/ Conscious Expression of this placement:

  • By realizing the nature of their leadership qualities they can be encouraging to others

  • They can use their very warm nature to express themselves in a more inviting sense

  • They can be very exuberant, so it's good to know when they're possibly lighting a path or when they may be scorching a potential

  • There's a delicate balance to this placement of knowing when to assert themselves and when to attract others to them by simply being the best, most beautiful version of themselves

  • Their energy is increased when they follow their instincts, display self-sufficiency, and assert their independence

  • This house also represents the soul-body and how the soul or higher self expresses its light into the world

  • Explore the inner world through thought

Second House Sun / Taurus Sun Sign Nature / Venus Energy

♉︎ The key phrase here is I HAVE TO POSSESS: Energy is Everflowing

This house embodies values and worth.

  • Possessions aren't just about material things, although this can be a huge part of this placement.

  • There is a drive here to accumulate resources of any sort. This can include:

  1. People that can be valuable resources

  2. Wealth of information

  3. Personal non-material values

  • Material and sensual possessions are key, and this can even include food

  • May own their own business to some capacity selling or buying goods and services

The Asleep/ Unconscious Expression of this placement:

  • Someone who bases self-worth on how much they have, how much they own, or how much they’ve materialistically accumulated

  • Someone can feel like they need to acquire much more spiritually, mentally or physically in fear that they may not have enough

  • They may seek validation from others on the importance or worthiness of their resources

  • They can overcompensate for their insecurities by resisting input from others so as to seem steadfast and established on their own

An Awake/ Conscious Expression of this placement:

  • Because the desire to attain material success is strong, they don't give up very easily and end up obtaining what they want

  • They can use their talents and abilities to help uplift others and encourage others to share their values as well

  • When giving others the opportunity to share their values, there can be a greater perspective gained on their own value and worth

  • Recognizing others builds a deeper sense of security in their relationships in turn opening up the opportunity for even more material success

  • The key phrase here is “give a little, gain a lot” or “you spend a little and make more”.

  • Their energy increases when their self-worth increases

  • Energy is exchanged and everflowing.

  • Inner peace through connection with the soul or the inner world

Third House Sun / Gemini Sun Sign Nature / Mercury Energy

♊︎ The key phrase here is I THINK TO KNOW: Communication with the Mind, Soul & Spirit

This is where quick-witted fast talkers usually have their sun or prominent planets placed. They can be great teachers, lecturers, writers, and administrators. Communication is key here.

The Asleep/ Unconscious Expression of this placement:

  • Being superficial in communication with others, and avoiding discussions of personal feelings and deeper matters

  • Can be a bit critical and impatient with deeper, profound thinking, while looking for fast logical insights

  • Stimulating conversationalist that merely skims the surface of subjects

  • Difficulty maintaining deeper friendships

An Awake/ Conscious Expression of this placement:

  • Can communicate ideas to others quickly while uplifting them with a more light-hearted, friendly approach, especially in serious circumstances

  • They are able to create a warm, comfortable feeling with others, encouraging others to open up to them

  • They have learned to listen deeply to others, expanding their viewpoints which helps them to connect on a broader range of ideas

  • Aware of other people's ideas and inspired to enjoy and see value in a variety of experiences that can encourage a two-way flow of conversation

  • They gain energy from taking in information through reading, classes, writing, or conversations with others

  • Clear communication between the ego and soul or higher self

Fourth House Sun / Cancer Sun Sign Nature / Moon Energy

♋︎ The key phrase here is I FEEL TO ESTABLISH: Spiritual Home

Very focused on one's own emotional regulation and sensitivities as well as their security.

  • Here a person is more likely to do whatever necessary to feel secure and protected

  • Ensuring they have more than enough of what they need

  • A strong mothering quality is present here whether in their tribe, family or household

The Asleep/ Unconscious Expression of this placement:

  • Expect others to react sensitively to them; to be careful not to offend them in any way

  • They may be so dedicated to protecting their own vulnerable state that if they receive undesired or insensitive input it can cause them to retreat and withdraw into their shell

  • They can easily alienate those close to them by retreating into a mode of protection

An Awake/ Conscious Expression of this placement:

  • Helping other people feel recognized when they begin externalizing and sharing their emotional perception outwardly to those around them

  • They feel revitalized by inspiring others through sympathetic exchange

  • Allow others to experience an exchange of feelings and vulnerabilities with them

  • Can appear to others very loving and intuitive

  • Taking care of those outside of them helps them feel more secure

  • Their energy increases when they spend time in their home and with their family

  • This house represents the soul or higher self's feeling of connection with all humanity

  • Transforms desire for outer security into a search for inner peace

Fifth House Sun / Leo Sun Sign Nature / Solar Energy

♌︎ The key phrase here is I WILL TO EXPRESS: Higher Self-Expression

Very expressive and creative people

  • Determined to make a mark and establish their own will and desire

  • Great performers and personalities

  • Here one can ask themselves, “how are you expressing yourself and what is the drive behind it?”

The Asleep/ Unconscious Expression of this placement:

  • Can be a bit selfish, aiming to gain the admiration and attention of others

  • Expects others to react in their own benefit without displaying disapproval

  • Compromising their own identity to gain the attention and approval of others

  • May either over-exaggerate or intentionally subdue their emotional expression for attention or acknowledgement

An Awake/ Conscious Expression of this placement

  • They acknowledge the uniqueness and potential in others, inspiring them to take Center Stage

  • Creating and acting out of pure love, joy, and expression

  • Their natural enthusiasm will motivate others to get excited about themselves and their abilities. This gives these natives the objectivity and confidence they need to authentically express themselves with courage

  • Their energy increases when they play, create, or spend time with children

  • The soul or higher self uses its gifts and talents to express itself through the healthy and integrated ego expression for the benefit of others

  • Individual thoughts, values, and opinions are independent from parents or public opinion

Sixth House Sun / Virgo Sun Sign Nature / Mercury Energy

♍︎ The key phrase here is I ANALYZE TO IMPROVE: Labor Out of Love to Serve Humanity

This placement can usually indicate that a person is health-conscious as well as disciplined in nature.

  • Can be aware of areas in the workplace or certain routines that can be improved

  • Will know how to make necessary changes to achieve optimum health, improvements to routines and cooperation with others

The Asleep/ Unconscious Expression of this placement:

  • Maybe very critical of the way others deal with their health and physical wellness

  • Can overly pride themselves on their prudish or obsessively structured way of life and patterns, which may in actuality resemble qualities of an obsessive/compulsive nature

  • Either displaying critical tendencies towards others or even themselves, potentially even displaying self-deprecating qualities while constantly pointing out their own flaws

An Awake/ Conscious Expression of this placement:

  • Health-conscious and regimented about their routines that serve their health, body, and work

  • They display appreciation to others and their inherent value

  • This native notices the motivations and aspirations of those around them, knowing how to effectively encourage them to achieve what they desire

  • They don't pay as much attention to the right or wrong course of action as much as allowing themselves to be a more flexible team player

  • Displaying natural discernment in a situation endears others to them further granting them the appreciation they crave

  • Their energy is increased when they're working, fulfilling an important role

  • The work the soul or higher self does services humanity and is based on love in place of feelings of guilt or obligation

Seventh House Sun / Libra Sun Sign Nature / Venus Energy

♎︎The key phrase here is I RELATE TO BALANCE: Relationship between the Ego and Higher-self

Relationships and communicating with others are paramount to this placement. They tend to make a less combative and more cooperative partner.

The Asleep/ Unconscious Expression of this placement:

  • Either this person is more willing to compromise themselves for the peace of the relationship, or they attempt to manipulate others to create a sense of artificial or superficial harmony

  • Preoccupation with maintaining a more positive image of themselves

  • They do whatever is necessary to maintain an appearance of equal footing with another person

  • They can sometimes display petty banter

  • May be more vulnerable to others’ attempts to mislead them, this can alternatively leave them defensive

An Awake/ Conscious Expression of this placement:

  • They have a keen sense of what other people want and are able to hone this in to easily create harmony in a situation

  • They have an intuitive sense of knowing how to interject their ideas, share their talents and add a refreshing point of view to a situation

  • By bringing a larger truth and authenticity to a situation they contribute to the harmonization, further increasing their vitality and well-being

  • They can adjust themselves to others to help them shine

  • They gain energy from a relationship and when they're in a partnership

  • The higher self uses interpersonal relationships to transform the ego's shadow aspects for soul integration

  • Finds balance and harmony by listening to an inner voice or higher self

Eighth House Sun / Scorpio Sun Sign Nature / Pluto Energy

♏︎ The key phrase here is I DESIRE TO TRANSFORM: Transformation of the Shadow

These people tend to see through others and situations with a very profound insight into the psychological and even psychic experience that someone may be going through.

  • Can be dependent on another person in their life for support and resources

  • Likely to give up their egos for a dedicated other person

  • They're very comfortable with the concept of death and transformation and can do well to work with those concepts in life

  • How is power held and used?

The Asleep/ Unconscious Expression of this placement:

  • May be prone to instigate conflicts with others as a cheap thrill or to test their dominance

  • Can incite a reaction from others to reflect their power

  • When they feel as though their potency isn't recognized or acknowledged they can get angry or resentful, demanding attention through inappropriate provocation

  • When they give in to the Indulgence to agitate others, it can make it difficult for others to trust and include this native on a core level

  • Out of the motivation to measure their power and control by the response of others, they can inappropriately relay the delicate knowledge that they hold

An Awake/ Conscious Expression of this placement:

  • Adequately tapped into another person they can help uplift others by putting them in touch with their own power

  • In self-mastery and self-control, they can inspire others to do the same

  • They reveal their own keen perceptions of others’ inner thoughts, emotions, and ambitions in a way that can be accepted and digested by the other person

  • When they see and relay the hidden motivations and struggles in others, they have the ability to help them become aware of their deepest desires

  • They realize their true power resides in constructively helping others transform their lives

  • Energy is gained when they are in close bonded relationships mutually dedicated to a common goal

  • The higher self can liberate the ego’s shadow aspects through transformational processes

  • Rules its feelings instead of being ruled by them

  • Perceives the true significance of feelings, understanding them, and learning to use them properly

Ninth House Sun / Sagittarius Sun Sign Nature / Jupiter Energy

♐︎ The key phrase here is I SEEK TO UNDERSTAND: Spiritual Education

This person does well in higher education, religion, philosophy, and foreign relations because they aim to grasp an understanding of abstract concepts and ideas that supersede a basic material plane of existence. Comfortable with the spiritual realms and/or foreign countries, they can sometimes end up living far away from their home country or marrying someone from a foreign land.

The Asleep/ Unconscious Expression of this placement:

  • Needing others to recognize and acknowledge their intellectual authority

  • Appearing pompous and self-serving while directing their efforts to prove a moral righteousness

  • A tendency to demand a focus of attention by spouting off their ideas whether or not they're warranted can unknowingly alienate others from them

  • They base their vitality and self-worth on whether people agree with them or not

  • Can sometimes talk more about the anticipation of an action, distracting from the necessary energy needed to be put into accomplishing the action or task itself

An Awake/ Conscious Expression of this placement:

  • Effectively and openly listening when others ask them a question while paying close attention to their inflection and tone

  • Able to grasp a broader sense of a message being conveyed

  • They share relevant insights that others can appreciate

  • When sharing their optimistic point of view and beliefs that enhance other people's level of self-trust , their faith in themselves expands, and this inspires others to naturally appreciate their intellect

  • Their enthusiasm is used to recognize the significance of others and bring out their importance

  • Energy is gained when they're exploring new horizons through travel, education, philosophical or spiritual insights

  • Seeks spiritual education beyond the five senses; how the soul or higher self expands its consciousness

  • Satisfies higher goals based on intuition, idealism, and higher vision

Tenth House Sun / Capricorn Sun Sign Nature / Saturn Energy

♑︎ The key phrase here is I USE TO ACHIEVE: Higher Purpose

This position usually casts an ambitious and successful person that exudes power and prestige.

  • They can be put into positions of command, and can become publicly useful in service to an objective or grand order

  • They are usually able to achieve a certain level of authority or establish order, and in fact need it to feel secure

The Asleep/ Unconscious Expression of this placement:

  • Using their authority to dominate those around them

  • They may waste energy ensuring they are the ones in control and gaining respect that they lose sight of the importance of accomplishing a task at hand

  • They can be insistent that others are sensitive to their ambition while being insensitive to others’

  • Can misuse the organizational talents that got them to their acquired place in order to manipulate those around them

  • Using their status simply to improve their social image

  • Their energy can be drained through persistent management with the aim of maintaining tight oversight and control over others

An Awake/ Conscious Expression of this placement:

  • Using their organizational abilities to encourage and delegate appropriate leadership roles and responsibilities to others

  • Producing results that simultaneously serve their ultimate growth as well as their need to accomplish the necessary tasks at hand

  • Expanding their sensitivity outwards by effectively assisting others with the awareness of their feelings can help the native naturally gain respect without justifying it

  • Helping others share in the mutual feeling of success which in turn increases the native’s vitality and earns them lasting respect and admiration

  • Their energy is increased when they are involved in their chosen profession or taking on a leadership role

  • Asserting the soul's or higher self's individual contribution to humanity

  • Use of ambition for the betterment of humanity

Eleventh House Sun / Aquarius Sun Sign Nature / Uranus Energy

♒︎ The key phrase here is I KNOW TO TRANSFIGURE: Higher Connection to Humanity

This placement involves a lot of other people in relation to this native. This is a placement where goals and objectives come to fruition through acquaintances and friends. A sense of significance is attained with a desire to achieve certain goals and recognition.

The Asleep/ Unconscious Expression of this placement:

  • They may be too preoccupied with their individual goals and ego pursuits that they fail to contribute to a group of any sort

  • Want recognition for being fair and cooperative, yet waste a lot of energy resisting opened doors or opportunities in fear of losing their identity

  • Can be more interested in impressing others with their knowledge and experience than being a part of the group

  • Can also alternatively lose sight of their own wisdom and interplay with others and even keep around friends who do not serve their overall growth

An Awake/ Conscious Expression of this placement:

  • Inspires others with inventive insights

  • Letting others fully express their point of view helps the native expand facets of their own intelligence

  • Making sure they share appropriate knowledge to contribute mutual inspiration

  • Their unique talents are organically enhanced when they use objectivity in the framework of other people's sensitivities

  • Their natural ability to view any situation objectively can inspire and enhance their leadership qualities in group activities without appearing dominating

  • Creates a sense of community and cooperation as a natural leader

  • Their energy and vitality is gained by spending time with their friends and expressing their unique individuality in a group situation

  • The soul or higher self works with others to serve humanity

  • Frees themselves from attachment to a restricted organization and its interest and instead identifies themselves with all mankind and the universal needs of humanity

Twelfth House Sun / Pisces Sun Sign Nature / Neptune Energy

♓︎ The key phrase here is I DREAM AND I BELIEVE TO TRANSCEND: Karma

This is a very subconscious and unconscious placement, indicating a person has a lot of past life Karma and is working it out this time around unconsciously.

  • The significance known in the 12th house is “serve or suffer”

  • Service-to-self or service-to-others; which will they choose that will lead to the benefit or the negative impact of all who encounter this placement

  • Most of the time the people with this placement prefer to work behind the scenes and out of the limelight

  • For those that have more public recognition, they can use it to serve a group or population

The Asleep/ Unconscious Expression of this placement:

  • They can appear impractical, untested, over-idealistic, irresponsible, indecisive, hesitant, ambivalent, and lacking full commitment to a particular goal or direction

  • They may seek out validation from others ensuring they are recognized for their inherent goodness and compassion by trying to be all things to all people

  • Can sabotage their self worth and vitality by abandoning their inner guidance

  • Lacking discretion between their grand desires and their realistic expectations can lead to unfulfilled ideals

An Awake/ Conscious Expression of this placement:

  • They realize and respect the step by step process necessary to actualize their ideals

  • Committed to expressing compassion for humanity in a practical and tangible way

  • They assist, soothe, and facilitate healing to others through the systematic implementation of their resources

  • When they're aware of their own values in life, they begin to compassionately relate to the desires of others without losing their own integrity

  • Allowing their identity to be intangible and divine can aid in gaining the self-assurance they need to become the mystic, artist, poet or voice of mankind's spiritual and emotional ideals

  • It's important to them to spend time alone to recharge and remind themselves of who they are and what they're here to do

  • The soul or higher self becomes conscious and is then able to neutralize its karma through appropriate decisions and choices

  • Uses sensitivity to perceive the inner needs of others

Waking up and going to sleep is a cyclical process that is ongoing throughout our life. The key is to recognize the traits of staying asleep too long and to understand the process of waking up again. This can take a bit of effort in changing a behavior or pattern in the beginning, but then becomes second nature. Waking up can be a process where one needs to recognize they are even asleep, to begin with, then make the necessary adjustments to shift their approach and attitude. As we start to look beyond our ingrained behavior and knee-jerk reactions and begin to make the necessary adjustments, we can see our life shift and respond with a greater sense of vitality and satisfaction.

Stay awake, stay aware, and stay whole during these transitional times.


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