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"we're made of star stuff"

- Carl Sagan

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Hi, I’m Meriam Miyara Rose

♉︎Asc | ♌︎☉ | ♍︎☽

Intuitive Astrologer & Quantum Journey Facilitator

A writer of words, a reader of symbols, a solar energy transmitter, and a lover of life. I see Astrology as a tool to connect someone to the essence of their soul purpose and to excavate the deep psychological inner workings within one’s life, both in this lifetime and beyond. With 20 years of study in Astrology and Spirituality and close to a decade of Depth Psychology, I work as an Astrologer, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Facilitator, and Shadow Work Integration Coach. I work primarily within a Psycho-Spiritual Model; however, I bring in activated knowledge of  Galactic Astrology that I learned from Lavandar of Starseed Hotline as well as through Julia Balaz's Galactic Astrology program. My primary intention is to serve as a Multidimensional guide to facilitate the processs of remembering who you are.

I'm an Egyptian American Writer, Astrologer, Intuitive, Artist, DJ, and Lover of the Solar Force. After immigrating to the US as a young child, I later found myself relocating often as a Crystal Grid worker.  From the Midwest to the South and the West Coast, where I left part of my heart in San Francisco and another in Los Angeles. I currently live on the East Coast, where I adore watching the sunrise on the Atlantic Ocean less than 700 miles from the Bermuda Triangle. I received a BFA from The School of the Arts Institute of Chicago then went on to begin a Masters's Degree in Jungian Depth Psychology, which turned into a journey of self-discovery and awakening. I was trained in the Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis Method invented by Candace Craw Goldman, a partner to the late Dolores Cannon.


Throughout my life, I was very connected to the spiritual realms and would find myself frequently channeling energy and presence unconsciously. My spiritual awakenings would come in sudden bursts during my life, forcing me to use long periods of time in between to integrate those experiences. This led me to seek answers throughout my adolescence and well into my adult life, inadvertently uncovering my gifts along the way.


Next to 20 years of study in astrology and spirituality, as well as Jungian Psychology. I am a certified Shadow Work Integration Coach, where I help others learn to integrate their spiritual emergencies alongside interdimensional journeys. As traumas are encountered and integrated, we then have the opportunity to bring in new downloads, fragmented aspects of our soul, pieces of our lost light body parts, and activate dormant DNA. That is where Galactic information begins to pour in.


I see astrology as a tool to connect one to the essence of their soul's purpose, lessons, & initiations.  This allows each person to activate further and deeper into their gifts, challenges and opportunities in this life. With no choice but to follow the guidance of spirit, I decided to follow the call in hopes of sharing my method of deep inner knowing and guidance with others during this time of planetary shifts and mass awakening.


As we awaken to the memory of who we are, our soul has more of an opportunity to integrate and return to ourselves, allowing us to fully embody who we are - one of the most powerful, multidimensional and  electromagnetic beings that exists on this planet.


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