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Timely Changes are Upon Us

In a seemingly changing reality, we are now being asked to focus on only that which we truly value.

The Recent Eclipse Energy - Transformations & Changes is the Theme at Hand

We are now on the other side of the eclipse portal. If you didn’t notice the whirling energy between the Partial Solar Eclipse at 2°Scorpio that occurred on October 25th and the Total Lunar Eclipse that just passed us Tuesday morning at 16° Scorpio, we’ll likely be feeling the after-effects for the next few months, as this eclipse energy begins to unfold and show us where the change(s) in our life is no longer avoidable. At this time we are being challenged to take stock of our values and that which makes us feel stable in an ever-changing reality.

What we once knew to be “stable” may not be what we thought, and we may realize reality can be subjective and dependent on the shared reality of others. That is how we ground our perspective - with another as a witness. We are challenged to look deeper into our relationships as mirrors, and if we are hiding our shadows, then we may very well see them through others and the world at large. So, that is why during this Scorpio South Node transit, it may be a good time to do our internal work, our shadow work, and look deep within ourselves before moving into victim mode. Carl Jung stated, “The best political, social and spiritual work we can do is to withdraw the projection of our shadows onto others.” Sometimes we really do need to be the change we want to see in the world, and this is truly one of those times.

The Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 11/8/22

What does it mean to take your power back? Power itself may not actually be what we think it may be. Perhaps, power for the meek is to speak, while for the strong is to stay humble. Inner power comes through contemplation, reflection, and meditation. Sometimes it comes from times of great growth and change; while other times it may spring forward after a painful experience. Only one’s own self-sovereign path will show them where their power lies. It’s most often found within the emotion of peace and calm that proceeds the great challenge. True power never pulls from others, but from the depth of stable energy within ourselves. So, here we are asked to see the thin line between our own values and stability and the shared experiences and values with another. There we will be guided into the necessary changes that may even come suddenly and abruptly, and be felt for the next 6-8 months. With Mars in Retrograde in Gemini for another 2 months, one thing we can count on with certainty is that change is the only constant. With Jupiter and Neptune in such close conjunction squaring that Mars, we will also need to breathe through this time knowing that more clarity may not come to us until January & February of 2023. Sometimes we are not given full outer sight of a situation, so that we may learn to rely on our insight and personal experience.


The 11 11 Portal

As the Taurus North Node puts emphasis on the planet Venus, we will continue to see Venusian Energy surface until March. At that time the Lunar Nodes shift from Scorpio to Libra South Node and from Taurus to Aries North Node, which will show us where and how we manifested and worked with Venus energy through the past year and a half. Venus rules, love, beauty, relationships, money, materialization, our voice, and the energy of the feminine - both in men as well as women. One of many gifts that feminine energy provides us is to create and incubate. Venus in Scorpio trine Pallas Athena - the Warrior Goddess gives us the necessary wisdom into what makes a relationship successful. The Warrior Goddess Athena will also be in trine with Jupiter and Neptune conjunction, which shows us the strategy of how to hold the space for differences in belief structures, religions, and spiritual diversity while also having an understanding which may normally be hidden or even a perception of what may appear more elusive or ethereal. Compassion is key here. This transit asks us to witness how we can be more compassionate with others at this time.

Venus is in Scorpio until the 15th of November. As we have been learning our inner power, how do we also learn to share it with another? What does that look like to us to share our power in our life? If we have taken more time and effort to do our deep internal work, and our partner or close friend, or family have not, how do we handle that? Do we judge them and scrutinize or do we try to help them too much, or do we sit in our stillness to be a support of strength and love? Many will be forced to move through transformations in the upcoming months.

Last year before the North Node moved into Taurus, I was learning about the Venusians as many with Venusian Pleiadian DNA codes were being activated. I was led to learn more about The Hathors, which took me to Tom Kenyon’s work. His work with the Hathors was about the beauty of voice, sound, and the transformation that occurs upon experiencing the healing potential of certain tonalities and frequencies - particularly from the voice, which is very Venusian as well. This may be a separate email in the future, but if you are interested in learning more about the Hathors and Tom Kenyon’s work, you can check out his website.

The Dendera Temple Hathor, Egypt

11 and 11 equal 22. So, on 11/11/22 this is the Divine Hierogamic Sacred Union. As Venus rules love, this energy is very strong at this time. Sacred Unions can come through an individual level when we understand how to integrate the divine feminine and masculine energy within us, creating a holistic and integrated experience and expression in our life. It may also come through a sacred partnership that acts as a catalyst to heal and evolve together. We will see more partnerships strengthen or change within the next year, especially when the South Node ingresses into Libra in March. So, now is a good time to be conscious of what is unfolding in our life within the scope of partnerships. Venus beckons. Where is Venus in your chart and how is it being aspected right now? It may be helpful to learn about your Venus placement, as that has likely been a highlight for you for the past year, and will continue to be something to understand for the next year and a half.


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