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Every year your personal Sun travels around the Earth, and returns to the exact degree point where it was when you were born. That is your true birthday. This Solar Return can happen sometimes on the actual birth day, while sometimes it may occur a day before or after, depending on leap year, and other various calendar adjustments.  The hour in which your Sun reaches its exact degree point can be felt as an Hour of Power, where you're completely immersed within your own vital life force energy, filled with possibility and potential. The energy begins 5 hours before that direct return, peaks at the time of the exact return, and completes 5 hours after the exact return, creating a window of 10 hours of power surrounding the event.


It's helpful to know when that window occurs, so that you can plan ahead, and prepare to spend that time celebrating yourself, envisioning your goals for the future, and setting intentions, as it's an ideal and ripe time for manifestation.


This report will calculate the exact birthday, creating a chart which illustrates the upcoming energy of that year. This order comes with a 27+ page automated report translating your Solar Return Chart for the year ahead. This is not an intuitive report as interpreted by me, but rather a generated report from a highly vetted software created by astrologer, author, and software engineer Henry Seltzer. For a more personal interpretive reading, please choose a one-on-one reading with me.


This purchase includes a Chart of your Solar Return as it happens for the upcoming year, an indication of its exact timing, so that you can take advantage of its potency, as well as an automated and generated interpretation of your chart in PDF form. Please allow 48 hour delivery time to your email box.


For any further questions, please contact me directly at

Solar Return Timing & Report

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